Donald Trump is crazy

Is Donald Trump Crazy?

Zoe Lofgren, who has been in the House of Representatives for the Democrats since 1995, wants to force US President Donald Trump to undergo a medical examination - including for his state of mind. The Californian introduced a resolution to this effect in Parliament in Washington, as has now become known.

Early stage dementia?

The aim is therefore to find out whether the 71-year-old Republican Trump is "stable" enough to stay in office. If the results speak against it, the resolution said, Vice President Mike Pence and government officials would have to remove him from his post. Lofgren is referring to the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution, which allows such a step under certain conditions.

In a press release, the 69-year-old MP asked the questions that, in her opinion, urgently need clarification:

  • "Does the President have early-stage dementia?"
  • "Has the office stress exacerbated a mental illness affecting his impulse control?"
  • "Has an emotional disorder affected the president in such a way that he is unable to carry out his duties?"
  • "Is the president mentally and emotionally stable?"

Inner-party skepticism

In the United States, more and more people are now doubting that Donald Trump is up to the demands placed on a US president. A few days ago, Republican Senator Bob Corker openly questioned Trump's ability to govern. The president of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee has said that the President has so far failed to provide evidence that he can successfully exercise his office.

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