How does the police helpline number 100 work?

Emergency numbers

Current information on emergency numbers, rescue and repatriation services, ambulance services and ambulance services, motorist clubs / breakdown assistance, insurance, etc.

Emergency numbers

 Phone number
Euro emergency number - uniform European emergency number112 
Fire brigade centers122 
Emergency number in the event of gas failure128 
Mountain rescue140  
Emergency doctor service141 
Telephone counseling142 
Ambulance service144
Emergency call service for children and young people147 
Poison Control Center01 406 43 43 
Deaf emergency call0800/133 133 (SMS, FAX)


Emergency numbers can be called free of charge from any telephone throughout Austria (Euro emergency number: in all EU countries). The euro emergency number 112 can also be used on locked mobile phones (without a PIN code).


Crisis Aid Upper Austria - Telephone 0732 2177
The staff of Krisenhilfe Upper Austria and the crisis intervention team of the Red Cross are available to you at the "Krisenhilfe Upper Austria - care hotline" 24 hours a day on the hotline 0732/2177 or as part of the online crisis counseling at →

Abbreviated numbers for special services

 Phone number
Pharmacy services1455
Ambulance1484- (x)
(only with by-election for the respective ambulance service and only available regionally)
State warning centers130
(not available in all federal states)
SMD - Social Medical Service01 310 50 50 
Health hotline for all of Austria1450

Short public numbers for harmonized services of social value

 Phone number
Hotline for missing children116 000
Advisory service for crime victims116 006
Hotline for children seeking help116 111
On-call service for medical help in non-life-threatening situations116 117
Helpdesk hotline116 123

Rescue and repatriation services

Emergency services and ambulance transport

  • Red Cross (→ WCC)
    The Red Cross not only provides rescue and medical services, but also has a disaster relief service that is available at any time for operations at home and abroad.
  • Workers Samaritan Association of Austria (→ ASBÖ)
    In addition to voluntary social, rescue and medical services, the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund of Austria has specialized in water rescue, among other things.
  • → The Johanniter
    Johanniter is involved in the field of rescue and ambulance services, mobile home nursing, social services and disaster relief.
  • → Green cross
    The non-profit association is active throughout Austria in the rescue, ambulance and medical aid service.
  • → Styrian Green Cross Association
    The Green Cross Styria association is the second largest ambulance and ambulance service in Styria.
  • Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria (→ MHDA)
    The Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria emerged as a result of the Hungarian uprising (1956) and, in accordance with the order of the order, is still active today in disaster and civil protection.
  • Social Medical Service Austria (→ SMD)
    The Social Medical Service Austria helps people in emergency situations and takes care of sick patients and patients in need of care.
  • → Viennese professional rescue
    Wiener Berufsrettung carries out rescue operations within the framework of the Vienna Rescue Association and helps in the event of a disaster.

Driving clubs / roadside assistance

 Phone number
→ ARBÖ breakdown service123 
→ ÖAMTC breakdown assistance120 

Doctors, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, etc.

The Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (→ BMEIA) offers a search for doctors abroad (→ BMEIA).

The → Chamber of Pharmacists offers a pharmacy search (→ Chamber of Pharmacists) on its website.

The Austrian health portal → offers health information and information about the services of the health care system as well as the following search functions:


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