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MEP Multi Engine Piston Rating

Class rating for multi-engine airplanes with piston engines

MEP - Multi Engine Piston Rating

The safety of two engines! Operating a multi-engine aircraft is more complex than operating a simple trainer aircraft.

With sufficient training and practice, the "MEP" class rating is an interesting opportunity for further training. The class authorization for multi-engine aircraft (MEP) entitles the driver to sight control of multi-engine piston aircraft. It can also be extended to include the IR rating on multi-engine aircraft.

This authorization applies in addition to existing other authorizations and gives you the opportunity for additional training and further education such as flying larger aircraft with multiple engines according to instruments (Multi Engine Instrument Rating) and is also one of the prerequisites for entering professional aviation ( Commercial pilot license / CPL and airline pilot license / ATPL) as well as for most type ratings / type ratings.

An applicant for a Multi-Pilot Aircraft Type Rating Course (MCC) must also hold an IR (A) for multi-engine airplanes; thus the MEP rating is a prerequisite for entry into professional aviation.

The training consists of a theoretical part and flight training. You train on our FNPT II DA42 simulator and then in the modern Diamond DA42-VI with Garmin 1000 NXi glass cockpit.

Entry requirements for MEP Multi Engine Piston Rating

The applicant for an MEP rating must

  • have at least one PPL (A) license,
  • have at least 70 hours as a PIC on airplanes and
  • Have a valid Class 2 medical certificate.

These requirements must be met before the training begins.

Duration of training

The training includes a theory course of 8 hours and a total flight duration of at least 6 hours. You determine the pace of your training!

Course structure

Your training is divided into 2 blocks:

Theoretical training for a class rating for multi-engine aircraft comprises 8 hours and is usually completed in one day:

  • Airplane and Engine Systems
  • Multi Engine Flight Principles - Aerodynamics & Limitations
  • Minimum control & safety speeds
  • Mass & balance
  • Effects of Engine Failure on Systems and Performance
  • Constant Speed ​​Propellers and Feathering
  • Mass and Performance

The theoretical training concludes with a written final exam.

The flight training for a class rating for multi-engine aircraft with one pilot includes

  • at least 2.5 hours of flight training with a flight instructor under normal conditions on a multi-engine aircraft and
  • At least 3.5 hours of flight training with a flight instructor under so-called "one engine inoperative" conditions, i.e. with engine failure and asymmetrical flight conditions.

In practical training, 2.5 hours are completed on the FNPT II DA42 and 3.5 hours on the DA42.

After completing the theory and practice lessons and completing a progress check, you can take the practical exam.

Training costs Multi Engine VFR

The costs of training are divided into theoretical training and practical training. In the case of practical training, the minimum hours required by the EASA MEP training plan are specified. Landing fees and the test flight including examiner are not included in the price.



Theory course  
MEP theory (including DA42NG Differences Training, G1000 course) 400,00€
Total theoretical costs400,00€
Flight practice  
2.5 hours of flight FNPT II simulator 356,25,-€
3.5 hours of flight DA42-VI NG 1.417,50€
6 flight hours flight instructor 432,00€
5 session fees (briefing / debriefing) 300,00€
Total practice costs2.505,75€
ATO fee (registration, documentation) 250,-€
Total price Multi Engine VFR excl. 20% VAT.3.155,75,-€
20% VAT 631,15€
Total price Multi Engine VFR incl. 20% VAT.3.786,90,-€

Payment modalities: Before the start of the training, 100% payment of the costs according to the offer. Further costs as well as necessary additional hours and the flight test will be billed monthly according to the effort. The cancellation fee corresponds to 30% of the total price.

In addition to the training costs, there are license and examination fees as well as landing fees.


You complete the training with an entry of the MEP Class Rating in your license. You are thus entitled to fly multi-engine aircraft under visual flight conditions.

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