How do I visualize multidimensional arrays

Multi-dimensional findings with matrix diagrams

A matrix (Latin for uterus, mother animal, source) or matrix diagrams can be a Mother of knowledge be because they at the same time one overview and one Look at details enables. you areeasy to manufacture and can do one high information content have.
Four possible main axes and further dimensions with sub-axes / colors / shapes, see 3rd example below, enable flexible thinking spaces.
Many classic creative and management methods use this format.

In this post I would like to inspire you to use this format for the visualization of quantitative information and for visual thinking.

Visualize statistics with matrix diagrams

Here are three creative variants.

-> Make the results of an opinion poll understandable in their dimensions.

Source: Public Opinion on Abortion and Roe v. Calf. Pew Research Center, January 22, 2013

-> Make another dimension visible with circle sizes.

Source: Behrens, Christian (2014)

-> Make another dimension visible with a matrix in the matrix.

Source: Datenreport 2013. A social report for the Federal Republic of Germany. Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), Berlin Science Center for Social Research (WZB), Central Data Management, Federal Center for Civic Education / bpb 2013, page 107. Also shown at the top.

Think visually with matrix diagrams

-> Seeing and surveying a topic.
What power and what interest do stakeholders have, e.g. in relation to our project, our new product, ...:

Source: Gamestorming. A toolkit for innovators, rule-breakers and change makers. Wiki. Stakeholder Analysis

-> See and oversee four topics in one topic.
For example our experiences in this project:

Source: Gamestorming. A toolkit for innovators, rule-breakers and change makers. Wiki. Learning matrix

“I can only show you the door. You have to go through it alone. " Morpheus in the movie "Matrix"
Matrix diagrams are definitely a visualization format that makes “suitable doors” recognizable in a very flexible way.