What makes marble valuable

Luxury tiles for walls and floors: the most expensive tiles in the world

Tiles are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors and for a wide variety of areas of application.

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The simple models in white are available in hardware stores for less than ten euros. There are almost no upper limits in terms of quality and price. And of course there are also a few absolute luxury variants for tiles. We present some of them to you here.

Luxury tiles made from precious stones

In this luxury variant, semi-precious and precious stones are cast in quartz as a complete workpiece. Among other things, amethyst, agate and lapis lazuli can be made as special cuts for washbasins, worktops and floor panels. If you like it extravagant, you can still have the expensive panels backlit.

There are almost no limits to your imagination (and choice). Whether "Ocean Jasper" (particularly popular because of its visibly enclosed shells, snails and other sea creatures), onyx or rose quartz: The different gemstones give the tiles a unique, special color in a wide variety of colors.

  • Areas of application for luxury tiles made from precious stones: Floor tile, countertops, wall tiles
  • Prices for luxury tiles made of precious stones: from around 2,000 euros per square meter

Luxury marble tiles

In addition to precious and semi-precious stones, there are also natural stones that give the floor and walls that special something. This includes, for example, marble. One of the most famous (and most expensive) is the "Carrara marble" from Italy, named after the city of the same name in Tuscany and made famous by the Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo.

Carrara marble, however, is the generic term for more than 50 different trade names. Depending on the quarry, the quality can be very different. The well-known "Bianco Carrara" with its lighter basic shade costs around 300 euros per square meter, the "Statuario" is only available on request.

As beautiful as tiles made of Carrara marble are, they are not entirely undisputed. Over the past 100 years or so, the mining of the rock has increased from around 100,000 tons to almost five million tons, something that environmental activists in particular criticize.

  • Areas of application for luxury marble tiles: Floor tiles, wall tiles, window sills or kitchen countertops
  • Prices for luxury marble tiles: Carrara marble from around 210 euros per square meter

Luxury granite tiles

Working on marble is not that easy. With the even harder granite, cutting is even more difficult. Similar to marble, there are also quite a few differences in quality with granite.

Due to its high density, granite has few capillaries compared to other natural stones, i.e. fine, elongated cavities. This makes it relatively insensitive to liquids. Relatively because granites from different countries of origin also have very different qualities in terms of hardness and water absorption.

Granite is made up of feldspar, quartz and mica. As a rule of thumb, the higher the proportion of feldspar and quartz and the older the granite, the better. And: black granite is usually (there are exceptions) harder than white or yellow.

One of the finest types of granite is the "Azul do Macaubas" from Brazil. However, the stone with its characteristic blue color is not a granite at all, but a quartzite. Quartzite consists of sandstone, silica, iron oxide, carbonate, clay and a very high proportion of quartz and, in this composition, has an even higher degree of hardness than granite.

The hardness of the material, the quality of the mining and processing and the properties given by nature determine the quality of granite and thus also the price. Numerous types of granite are also only available in limited quantities, which makes them correspondingly more expensive.

  • Areas of application for luxury granite tiles: Floor tiles, wall tiles, window sills or kitchen countertops
  • Prices for luxury granite tiles: Black tones from 70 euros per square meter, green tones from around 500 euros per square meter, blue tones from around 850 euros per square meter

Luxury tiles made of precious metal

Gold, platinum and silver as a tile? This works out. For example, gold leaf is fixed between two glass plates, and the luxury tile is ready.

Original Style, based in Exeter, UK, specializes in such extravagant tiles. In addition to gold and other precious metals, the company has also released a tile that combines commerce with art.

The tile with a size of 60 x 60 centimeters is a reproduction of the painting "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. With the inclusion of gold and platinum, the tile is said to cost around 450 euros per piece, mind you.

  • Areas of application for luxury tiles made of precious metal: Wall and floor tiles
  • Prices for luxury tiles made of precious metal: From 2,300 euros per square meter (real gold leaf with 22 carats). Prices depend heavily on current gold prices.

Allegedly the most expensive tile in the world

A million dollars per square meter. That should be the price for the most expensive tile in the world. The reason for this unbelievable sum: Every single tile is made of marble, covered with diamonds, pearls, seashells and black onyx.

The manufacturer of this luxury tile called "LuxTouch" is allegedly a company called Pietra Firma from London. Allegedly because there is almost no information on this, not even a website of its own. And reports about the super tile all come from English-speaking countries and are very similar in content ...

Whether LuxTouch was ever manufactured, let alone installed, can therefore be doubted. But it is beautiful.

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