Why is medical better than not medical

This is why medical masks make virological sense

On what occasions do such masks have to be worn now?

The resolutions are a matter for the federal states. We do not yet know when and where the new mask regulation will come into force. But one thing is clear: this should apply to all buses and trains, i.e. to local public transport and also to shopping. So far, however, it is at least unclear who should actually control this.

From a virological point of view, what is the advantage of these FFP-2 masks or the surgical masks?

The decision is now clearly moving away from the previous provisional arrangement. It was caused by the fact that there were no masks at all in the spring, and that you helped yourself with masks that you sewed yourself, sometimes with a lot of love.

Now we are getting away from this number, that I can tie a scarf around my neck, so to speak, that I use any thin fabrics, maybe just a single layer, which then maybe won't be washed for weeks. None of that works anymore.

Surgical masks are certainly very, very much better than the everyday fabric masks that we have used up to now. But only if you use them correctly, if you change them regularly. And if you press the nasal clip in firmly so that no air whistles out. So these are the virological advantages, at least sometimes with the simpler surgical masks.

Do these thin surgical masks really provide better protection than everyday masks with two thick layers of fabric?

Yes, these medical masks or surgical masks are actually also certified as medical protective masks. They usually consist of three layers of synthetic fleece, and they have to meet a number of requirements. And they are only intended to be worn once.

But these surgical masks are in any case single-use items that cannot be washed or reused?

Yes, there is no way I would use it again, because the protective effect simply diminishes. You may even need more than one of these surgical masks a day if you have to wear them permanently at work. When they get wet, the protective effect simply diminishes. You absolutely have to take a new one.

It is different with FFP2 masks. You can use it multiple times. What do you have to pay attention to?

Officially, you can't actually use them again. Officially, it is also said that you can use them for a working day, eight hours. But these things are just very, very expensive. That is the difference.

After Bavaria said that we would use them in public transport and when shopping, prices naturally went up again everywhere.

The best solution would be if you used an FFP2 mask like this: Then you hang it on a clothesline and let it hang for five days. Because then there are usually no more active viruses on it. I think this is the best way to be able to use masks again. All other tips, oven or whatever, you should leave that all as it is because you don't know what it will do with the protective effect.

In addition to the self-sewn everyday masks and the FFP2 and surgical masks, there are also other solutions. Various providers submit corresponding reports that their masks offer effective protection against the corona virus. Can you still use them now?

Yes, you can use them if they are certified as a medical protective mask. You just can't tell by looking at them. Karl Lauterbach, for example, wears one and large parts of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group have ordered some.

The problem is: these masks look like regular cloth masks. They are black or blue and it does not say that they are certified, as is often stamped on the disposable items.

The manufacturers, who were also surprised by this decision, thought that you could download a certificate from the homepage, which you would then have with you. Because, of course, a simple saleswoman cannot know exactly what that means. You must then probably expect that you will be asked that you are not wearing the right mask. And then you just have to say: yes!

That might be a bit of a nuisance, but these masks are good. Incidentally, I have them myself too. I would rely on the protective effect and I would continue to use it. I spoke to one of the manufacturers. You said that they are now converting their production and that they are going to print the appropriate CE mark or quality mark on the front. So that you can clearly show: this is a medical protective product.