What causes ear infections in babies

Otitis media in children

Symptoms of otitis media in children

Typical otitis media symptoms in children are very sudden onset, often in the evening or night. It is usually accompanied by a general feeling of illness and pulsating or stabbing pain in the ear. These can occur on one side or on both ears.

Problem with otitis media in babies: Of course, babies cannot interpret symptoms of otitis media. Even with otitis media in small children, symptoms are usually only noticeable when the pain is already there. That goes on into the elementary school age of the child. In the case of pain, including otitis media, children usually cannot recognize early symptoms and then cannot interpret or name exactly where they are in pain. In particular, symptoms of otitis media in babies are sometimes very unspecific.
Very young children sometimes lack the typical signs of otitis media. Symptoms in a baby can include increased whining or restless sleep. Sometimes additional vesicles form in the eardrum. When they burst, a bloody discharge is visible - the ear is running. Children with otitis media also often touch their ears. Sometimes pus oozes out of the ears with otitis media. A purulent otitis media in children is caused by bacteria. In addition, unspecific symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite and weakness can occur with otitis media. Children and babies sometimes refuse to eat or drink. Nausea and abdominal pain are also possible signs of an otitis media.

Suitable home remedies for toddlers and babies

The doctor will only prescribe antibiotics if the cause is bacterial. Otitis media in children heals in most cases without consequences after a few days. Children with an otitis media are treated with nasal decongestant drops. The ventilation of the nose ensures that the ears can heal better. If toddlers or babies have otitis media, rest and fluid intake are also important in order to recover. If you bathe your toddler if you have an otitis media, make sure that water does not get in their ears. On this page you will find more home remedies for earache.

Otitis media is contagious in children

The question of whether otitis media in toddlers is contagious is very important for parents. If it occurs as an independent disease, the otitis media is usually not contagious. However, sometimes it is caused by a respiratory infection. In that case, it is theoretically possible that even a baby's otitis media is contagious. Since the immune system is much better trained in older children and adults, there is usually hardly any risk of infection.