Is it possible to be completely selfless?

Is It Possible To Be Really Selfless or Altruistic?

Everything we do is based on our thinking and our emotions . Whether we did something about someone else, but after all we have:

  1. Comparison of others with our thinking or
  2. something that corresponded to our wish (emotion).

    • Suffice it to say that what we have done, what we will do, and what we do is little (or huge) of anything of ourselves and little (or huge) of anything for ourselves.

An understanding that we are not of egoism could keep away , does not mean that there is something bad about our behavior (Attitude, personality or the like). But Seeing selfishness as good behavior has to be viewed from a different angle .

  • It is when our selfishness is our rights in line with ethics or morals (for some religions).

There is no way for us to fully (essentially) selflessly understand unless we understand that completely selflessly "no connection to our thinking and our emotions" must exist .

Essentially (without our consciousness) :

  • Complete selflessness can be understood in the context of "no connection to our thoughts and emotions", similar to BAQAA, unity of being or completely controlled by God. In this case, selflessness can be viewed as goodness (based on ethics and morals). See BAQAA, but it is not selfless, it is NOT SELF.

  • An altruist who is considered "genuinely selfless" when we do something because we are hypnotized or when we were a baby.

Practically (with our consciousness) :

  • To be selfless is to act in accordance with ethics and morals (for some religions).

  • Whether someone saw us act selfishly, but as long as it is in line with ethics and morals, it can be considered to be viewed as true selfless, but not essentially .

  • If we have somehow seen someone being selfless, it is because we cannot consciously observe that situation. What actually happened here is that in that moment someone was selfless, but in the future someone needs to be rewarded. It's only a matter of time to get caught as selfishness (needs to be rewarded) no matter how small. If it is not so, then a person like this is just as mechanically without purpose.

We do something for our happiness. This happiness can be in line with (or against) our ethics and morals (for some religions). Happiness has levels, but essentially to get satisfaction (whether it's bad or good).

We can do evil and we will to become happy . We can Do good and we will to become happy . But both have differences.

  • If we have done something to achieve happiness in harmony with ethics and morals, then we have done good, whether it is selfish.

  • If we have done something to persecute happiness against ethics and morals, then we have done selfishness as bad things.

    It's relatively ethically and morally related, but those are the principles for appreciating selfishness.

The points are :

Is It Possible To Be Really Selfless?

  • Yes, but it may be BAQAA related (if we believe an understanding of it). But it is NOT SELF (there is no consciousness). Or similar.

  • Practically (outside of the BAQAA-like understanding) there is no such thing as selflessness, only selfishness against ethics and morals, and selfishness follows ethics and morals.

  • Egoism in accordance with ethics and morals (obey God's commandments for some religions or follow Buddhism) is another happiness that is different from happiness, that of Selfishness against ethics and morals stems from (against God's commandments, for some religions or not follows Buddhism or similar) .

  • Whether altruism versus selfishness can be considered, however To help for others has to involve a little bit of our selfishness to satisfy our thinking and our emotions.

  • True selflessness asserts no purpose for us and (how small) . Can we do that No.

  • But we can Acting truly selflessly just to justify the need to do a little less selfishness . Can we do something without (no less) selfishness?No .

Instead of saying that there is true selflessness but claiming a little selfishness, you better say, "There is real selfishness that is in line with ethics and morals. Also, it is SELFELESS (LESS, but not entirely," NO SELF " , just LESS for the degree of SELF).