The survival of the strongest fails here

The richest and strongest country fails [closed]

Suppose you have a country that is immensely rich. With a well-educated population. Wealthier and smarter in the sense that money was not an issue and the country was the dominant superpower in the world ... WW3 happened ... how would the smaller enemy countries survive long enough to resist and win overall.

- hostile countries can band together but still bring less than 50% of the main country's wealth.

-The aim is to win hearts and minds and become the entire control body of the world. Guerrilla warfare is encouraged for the weaker countries, but the rich country as a whole is not brutal. They don't kill civilians unless absolutely necessary.

How would the local population attack and want to attack and fight for sovereignty?

The wealthy country wants total control over the population of all hostile countries. Year is 2016


1) You ask us to write your story for you that is off-topic. 2) They don't provide nearly enough information. 3) 100% opinion based question. VTCing as such.


You seem to be asking a lot of different questions here. How would the countries survive World War III? Assuming they survive, how would they fight back? You need to limit yourself to just one problem that bothers you and focus the question on that. As it is, this is pretty open.


Terrible written question. I will work on the recording and republish all of them later


Take a look at empires that have already fallen, like the Roman Empire


Wealth is not security

Education is not wisdom

Intelligence is not readiness

Any idiot can be rich. Being poor is a skill.

And there you have the cultural differences that your people will make. You can fight sovereignty by simply shaking off its controls. Reject their technology, laws, and culture in favor of your own.

It also helps to have a charismatic leader who does better nonsense than the other.